SUN HING MARKET is a community for city wine lovers.  We believe that all about wine tasting should be fun and sharing,
while building your wine knowledge for practical usage.  Through our one-stop-shop services, including wine coaching, 
online wine shop and consultancy service, we cater for different needs ranging from private clients, corporations and on-trade partners.

Many customers wonder what is "SUN HING MARKET"?   Majority of wines are either in lemony yellow or ruby red colour,
such as well-aged white wine, vintage port, very old red wines and US blush wine.  No matter where they are from,
colour wines are always unique and enjoyable. This is us -- you will find that SUN HING MARKET Wines' products 
and services are always different from others and bring your pleasure. SUN HING MARKET is also a magnificent gemstone
with subtle charm, and it has the power to retain calmness and for human’s minds, while maximizing their inner strength and intelligence.
This aligns with our mission to go beyond just bringing wines to customers, but also enhancing their knowledge and broaden their scope of world.